Thanks to the care I have received at Lake Zurich Wellness Group my life has improved: I feel much better both physically and emotionally. Treatments have relieved much of the tightness and pain I had been experiencing. I feel I can breathe, sleep, think, eat and exercise better. With a healthier spine I’ll be just fine. It will keep my life in proper alignment…. I’ve got backbone! The Lake Zurich Wellness staff has performed in a very professional yet personal manner. They have a genuine interest and concern for their patients and I feel comfortable working with them. Their effective, non-surgical step by step professional course of treatments tailored just for me and my needs pleased me most. They built me up from head to toe, from inside-out, from start to finish. Who could ask for anything more! Dr. Kaur and her Lake Zurich Wellness Group are extremely dedicated. They have a strong passion for enhancing their patient’s health and they are very responsible, hardworking, and committed to excellence. Dr. Kaur put the “re” back in my quality of life: Realign, redefine, revive, readjust, repair, relax, rejuvenate, reinvent, reinvigorate, recreate, re-establish, restore, renew, refresh, reactivate, regain, return… Let Dr. Kaur put the “re” back in your life to have a healthy pain-free lifestyle… you’ll be glad you did!
Scarlett M.

The care from Lake Zurich Wellness Group helped eliminate my neck pain and improve my range of motion. I really appreciate the individual time and sincere approach the team at LZ wellness group gives to me for my treatment. They also clearly explain all aspect of my care. I appreciate that Dr. Kaur and her staff go beyond my care and get to know about me and my family. They also share their life experiences. They also share knowledge outside of chiropractic care like dietary benefits of some foods. I would encourage others to stick with the prescribed treatment. Over time you’ll experience positive results.
Dan W.

When I came here it was a grasp at a last hope of getting help for the pain I was in. I had no life! I was a vibrant on the go woman reduced to not being able to do “anything” without pain! Dr. Kaur started treatment. Slowly I am coming back to living a more active life. No one makes me feel that my pain is imaginable. I have felt better and better as time goes on. Be Patient! When you start to feel better don’t do too much. It can set you back!
All of the staff is friendly and professional. Dr. Kaur your patience is amazing. So calm you are when performing all facets of the job! Thank you all for giving back my Active but not too active lifestyle 🙂
Pat k.

The therapy sessions, massages, and adjustments have all helped tremendously to reduce the pain I was experiencing. By stretching and strengthening my muscles and realigning my spine, I have regained mobility and enjoyed a more active life. The sincere kindness and loving care bestowed upon your patients not just for me but for all the others I have personally witnessed. You treat people very well! I greatly appreciated how I was welcomed here and made to feel very comfortable. I wish Dr. Kaur and her team much success in their chiropractic and holistic wellness work. You deserve it!
You too can find relief and restore your body. Follow the advice you are given and stick to Dr. Kaur’s treatment plan for you. The entire staff is very good at what they do.
Peter J.

I am now able to do more of the things that I enjoy without pain. I am able to get through a work day without having to drive home crying in pain. Finally I am able to live a more active lifestyle again. I am pleased by the attention to detail and care to each individual given at this practice. You get the treatment that is specific to your weaknesses and pain instead of a generic pain. They truly care about your well being and seeing you improve. Don’t give up. After 2 years of doctor’s visits and physical therapy I had all but given up. I thought that I would have to deal with my back pain and limitation it caused for the rest of my life. Thanks to my dad for referring me to the wellness group my pain is lessening and I have a new positive outlook. I could not ask for a better experience each visit. Everyone is always friendly and truly cares about helping you. It is a very calming and welcoming feeling. I would never have improved to where I am today without the help of Dr. Kaur and the wellness group.
Caittlin B.

My life has improved since coming to Lake Zurich Wellness Group; I am mostly pain free and able to sleep again. My headaches have diminished in frequency and intensity. What has pleased me the most in my course of treatment is the pain relief and another perk is that Dr. Kaur and her staff, Diane and Patti are all so professional and friendly. If I was to give words of encouragement to others I would tell them that commitment to the appointments is key.Dr. Kaur uses multiple modalities to benefit patient health and she is committed to my health and satisfaction. I was glad I made decision to try chiropractic health, Dr. Kaur makes me feel at ease and listens to my concerns. I want to say thank you to Lake Zurich Wellness Group for attending to my health. Diane your massages are amazing. Patti your kindness and organization are so appreciated!
Kristin K.

When I came to Dr. Kaur I had carpal tunnel syndrome in both my arms and numbness in my fingers. I also had neck and shoulder pain. The loving attention and care that I have received I have regained the feeling in my hands and arms. Dr. Kaur is wonderful!

I believe that many conditions can be treated with muscle therapy rather than surgery. Dr. Kaur has helped me to heal and change my behavior to avoid repeat injury. She is one of the most positive people I know. I cannot praise Dr. Kaur enough thru words. Ashley is an asset to Lake Zurich Wellness Group.
Jena B.

For the first time ever going to physical therapy is not going through the exercise in a setting of a corporate hospital environment. Dr. Kaur and everyone at the Wellness Center are caring and devoted to my progress. It’s Easy to get an appointment! Although I was completely skeptical having chiropractic treatment as a part of my physical therapy I am now a believer. Dr. Kaur has placed me on the perfect balance of stretch’s, strength, adjustments (painless) and massages. I am amazed at the pain relief I have. I have a ways to go but I know Dr. Kaur, Debbie and Essence will get me to yet again a less painful life. I’ve gone to physical therapy on and off for years and never made this kind of progress. It’s a leap of faith, trust them. Ashley at the front made me feel welcome. Ashley Takes perfect care of my insurance, billing and appointments. The knowledge and techniques Dr. Kaur and Debbie use are changing my life physically, and mentally.
Laura F.

The care I have received at Lake Zurich Wellness Group has improved my flexibility and my pain is decreasing. I have benefited from the physical & massage therapy greatly. I am most pleased with my treatment because my pain is decreasing and knowing I can always come in when needed. I feel cared for as a person by everyone in the office. If I was to give someone words of encouragement I tell them to keep your appointments and do the exercise you are given and you will improve. I would like to tell everyone that I love this place and the care I receive.
Laura B.

Lake Zurich improved my life; I can now do most of my activities with little or no pain. Being able to move and to be flexible has pleased me the most about the course of my treatment at Lake Zurich Wellness. Words of encouragement I can offer others; Dr. Kaur is very professional and she understands when the body is not working properly, her adjustments and proper exercise program has helped me greatly. I would like people to know that Dr. Kaur is not only a doctor to me, but I look at her as a friend helping me. Dr. Kaur will take the time to explain your condition and listen to you.
Carl R.

Aside from the relief from the back pain I’d been experiencing, my awareness of the positive effects of good spinal health has improved my life dramatically. I am much more mindful of my posture at all times as a result. Most of all, I have been amazed and thrilled by the obvious improvement in my general health due to chiropractic care. From ear infections, to cold viruses, to recovery from minor surgery, my symptoms are FAR less impactful, and my recovery is noticeably accelerated. If I was to offer words of encouragement to others I would tell them to take advantage of all the treatments Lake Zurich Wellness Group has to offer- each component (Spinal Adjustment, Physical Therapy, and Massage Therapy) has its merits, but nothing can compare to the benefit of combining all 3 to truly appreciate how significant spinal health is to one’s overall health. I want everyone to know that all the staff here are clearly so dedicated to the well being of their patients. Their humor, compassion, and knowledge inspire great feelings of faith and safety in their hands. Entering into chiropractic care is one of the most profound and BEST decisions I have ever made for MYSELF!
Carol W.

It has been years since I was at a chiropractors office, and after years of experiencing cluster headaches and mid back /shoulder pain I finally started back up with regular chiropractic care and I have to say Dr. Kaur knows her stuff and my headaches are much better. Since coming to Lake Zurich Wellness Group my flexibility has improved and mid back /shoulder pain is almost gone thanks to my cervical adjustments and the fantastic massages by Diane. I want people to know that with regular chiropractic care your overall health will improve. Give it a try and keep your appointments! The staff at Lake Zurich Wellness Group goes above and beyond for their patients. They truly care about each and every one of them. They treat you like family. I highly recommend Lake Zurich to my family and friends.
Dave O.

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