Kristin K.

My life has improved since coming to Lake Zurich Wellness Group; I am mostly pain free and able to sleep again. My headaches have diminished in frequency and intensity. What has pleased me the most in my course of treatment is the pain relief and another perk is that Dr. Kaur and her staff, Diane and Patti are all so professional and friendly. If I was to give words of encouragement to others I would tell them that commitment to the appointments is key.Dr. Kaur uses multiple modalities to benefit patient health and she is committed to my health and satisfaction. I was glad I made decision to try chiropractic health, Dr. Kaur makes me feel at ease and listens to my concerns. I want to say thank you to Lake Zurich Wellness Group for attending to my health. Diane your massages are amazing. Patti your kindness and organization are so appreciated!

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