Carol W.

Aside from the relief from the back pain I’d been experiencing, my awareness of the positive effects of good spinal health has improved my life dramatically. I am much more mindful of my posture at all times as a result. Most of all, I have been amazed and thrilled by the obvious improvement in my general health due to chiropractic care. From ear infections, to cold viruses, to recovery from minor surgery, my symptoms are FAR less impactful, and my recovery is noticeably accelerated. If I was to offer words of encouragement to others I would tell them to take advantage of all the treatments Lake Zurich Wellness Group has to offer- each component (Spinal Adjustment, Physical Therapy, and Massage Therapy) has its merits, but nothing can compare to the benefit of combining all 3 to truly appreciate how significant spinal health is to one’s overall health. I want everyone to know that all the staff here are clearly so dedicated to the well being of their patients. Their humor, compassion, and knowledge inspire great feelings of faith and safety in their hands. Entering into chiropractic care is one of the most profound and BEST decisions I have ever made for MYSELF!

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