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About Dr. Brian Glaus

My passion for chiropractic began back in high school. I had a football injury to my knee that my orthopedic doctor claimed could only be fixed with surgery. Wanting to avoid surgery, I turned to my brother who was in chiropractic college at the time to see if chiropractic could help me. As a result of those adjustments, my pain went away and I avoided surgery. It was this experience with chiropractic led me to become a chiropractor.

I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in February 1995 and began my life-long quest to educate people about chiropractic. My first practice was in Tempe AZ and I have been involved in clinics all across the U.S.

I have helped a lot of patients with back and neck related problems over the years but one that stands out in my mind is a young 2-year old girl who did not have normal bowel movements for the first 2 years of her life. Her mom, who was a patient of mine, asked if I could help her daughter. Because of repeated visits to various doctors for her problem, the girl was petrified of doctors and screamed through the whole exam. I did the exam and first adjustment through her tears but afterwards she went home and had her first normal bowel movement that night. Over the course of many visits she would come in, give me a hug, grab my finger and lead me back to the adjustment room. She continues to do well today.

I have four healthy kids of my own who were all first adjusted when they were just hours old. Helping kids through chiropractic is a passion of mine. Kids respond well to chiropractic and seeing them bounce back from falls and the stresses their young bodies go through is so rewarding. The saying goes, “As the twig is bent so grows the tree.” That saying vividly describes the connection between the spine and the growing body.

My mission is to help as many people as possible obtain a healthy lifestyle through chiropractic care. Whether you are in pain from a new injury, chronic illness or simply want a wellness check on the condition of your spine, call me at Palatine Wellness Group today and learn how chiropractic can help you.

Gina Moskalik, D.C.

My passion for the holistic healthcare began with a scary event that happened during my college years.  I woke up one Christmas morning to my grandmother experiencing a near death experience due to mismanagement of her blood pressure medications by her trusted medical professionals.  Working with my mother to administer CPR, we were able to save her.  At that life-changing moment, I made the commitment not to get involved in the prescribing of pharmaceuticals.  My grandmother’s medical emergency made me realize that pharmaceuticals only mask symptoms, typically do not address the root cause of medical issues and can actually make a patient more sick.

I graduated from Western Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science/Exercise Physiology.  It was my mission in my early twenties to lead a healthy lifestyle and ensure others did the same.  I began my career in Corporate Fitness and Hospital Fitness with Advocate Health Care.  While at one of the facilities I co-managed, I met an amazing chiropractor who is still a mentor and great friend to me. She showed me that the chiropractic discipline could allow me to lead a healthy lifestyle without involving the need for prescription medications. I was excited to start my career as a chiropractor and enrolled at National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) so I could help people with holistic health solutions.

One of my main goals in chiropractic school was to help my husband who has Crohn’s Disease.  My schooling at NUHS trained me as a primary care doctor and I learned various nutritional, homeopathic, and botanical medicine compounding to help manage many conditions including my husband’s condition.  What I have learned has kept my husband healthy and has also helped many others.

I have three exciting chiropractic cases that stand out in my career. The first case was a one month old infant who had severe reflux.  The mother was anxious and frustrated that the child could not keep any formula down.  Upon evaluation, the child had restricted vertebra in the thoracic spine inhibiting the proper function of digestion. Also, the new formula was not a good change for the infant and another formula was suggested to help with the symptoms. The infant recovered rapidly and it was satisfying to know that baby got better without the use of medications.

My second memorable case involved a Romanian woman who was put on the plane in Romania via wheelchair and was told that she needed surgery for her hip problem that was inhibiting her from walking.  Her family in the United States called me to schedule an appointment as soon as she arrived. Her problem was muscular, fascia, and joint related.  In the time-frame of 6 weeks she was walking on her own and was very happy that she no longer would need surgery when she returned home.

My third amazing chiropractic case involved a 14 year old girl with a 42 degree curve of the lumbar spine. She was told by other doctors that surgery was one of the only ways to correction. The treatment plan was long, but fruitful.  The 42 degree curve was reduced to 20 degrees which greatly improved her quality of life.  After learning of this case, many colleagues from other states came to learn the technique to help their patients.

I am a mother of three wonderful children. The last two are twins and have been adjusted from the first day they were born.  I have helped them with many issues including ear aches, growing pains and various skin conditions. My mission in chiropractic is to help families achieve the same ultimate wellness and vitality that I have achieved for my family.




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